Improving Harmony between People and Nature through Linking Science and Policy

Biodiversity from terrestrial, marine, coastal, and inland water ecosystems provides the basis for ecosystems and the services they provide that underpin human well-being. However, biodiversity and ecosystem services are declining at an unprecedented rate.

To address this challenge governments established the IPBES , the 'Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services' to strengthen the dialogue between the scientific community, governments, and other stakeholders. The 7th World Science Forum 2015 provides a key platform to present IPBES and to catalyse further dialogues. Some leading experts of IPBES will share their views on IPBES at the MTA / IPBES event, where considerable time will be devoted for discussions.

Conference Room (2nd floor), Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Csaba Kőrösi, Director for Environmental Sustainability, Office of the President of the Republic, Hungary

Part A - IPBES in the Sustainable Development Agenda
Keynotes by Thomas Koetz (IPBES Secretariat) and Ivar Baste (IPBES Bureau) followed by a panel discussion with Csaba Kőrösi and Jacqueline McGlade (UNEP chief scientist).

Part B - IPBES Work Programme Highlights
Keynotes by Markus Fischer (Co-chair for IPBES Europe and Central Asia Regional Assessment) and György Pataki (IPBES MEP member and Co-chair of the IPBES expert group on values and valuation) followed by a panel discussion with Zsolt Molnár (IPBES Indigenous and Local Knowledge Task Force) and András Attila Takács (EU Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems and their Services working group). Closing remarks by József Pálinkás (President, National Research, Development and Innovation Office, Hungary)

The event is hosted and facilitated by András Báldi (General Director, Center for Ecological Research, Hungarian Academy of S ciences, former member of the IPBES MEP).